Noemi Katznelson

Noemi KatznelsonNoemi Katznelson, Professor, Centre Director and Head of Research

Department of Culture and Learning
Aalborg University
Campus Copenhagen
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen SV

Tel: (+45) 2068 6680

MA in Pedagogy and History and a Ph.D. in Educational Research from Roskilde University.

Field of work and position of trust:
I am in charge of the daily management of the Centre for Youth Research along with Niels Ulrik Sørensen, who is deputy head of CeFU.

Besides, I work as a researcher and project manager on several studies in the education and marginalization area and I manage a variety of positions of trust, including:

  • Member of expert committee appointed by the Prime Minister under the Ministry for Kids, Education, and Equality which serves to encourage more young people to complete and youth education
  • Member of the Presidency of the newly established Council of Secondary Education under the Ministry of Education
  • Member of stakeholder advisory board affiliated with the research program at Copenhagen Business School on trends in youth unemployment in Europe under the EU's Seventh Framework Programme
  • I participate in the panel of judges of the daily newspaper Politiken's competition for innovative teachers and environments in secondary education
  • Personally appointed Vice-President of the National Dialogue Forum for education and career guidance under the Minister of Education
  • Personally appointed member of the Academy committee for New Nordic School under the Minister of Education (

Field of research:
My research is based on a broad sociological view of youth life as it unfolds in light of prevailing social conditions and processes of change. Based on this, I am especially interested in young people in the education system and the gray areas between education and work, but also in other areas of youth life.

My key skills are: Youth, education, lower secondary education, transition to secondary education, vocational training, marginalized young people, guidance and motivation.

Specifically, my research projects include:

  • Young people's motivation and desire for learning and education
  • Young people's transition from primary to secondary education
  • Young people in secondary education
  • Young people and educational and career guidance
  • Young people and ideas about future education and jobs
  • Young people in danger of not being able to finish an education or being unable to handle the job market
  • Young people at odds with society

3 interesting publications:

  • Young people's motivation and learning - 12 experts on the motivational crisis in the education system
  • Youth life
  • Is confidence enough? The importance of trust in retaining young people in education

Noemi received the Mads Rasmussen Memorial Prize in April 2013, for her hard work and research in creating awareness and understanding of the value of vocational education in our society.

Kontakt forsker

Noemi Katznelson
Telefon: (+45) 2068 6680

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