Katrine Thea Pløger Nielsen

Katrine Thea Pløger NielsenKatrine Thea Pløger Nielsen, Research Assistant

Department of Culture and Learning
Aalborg University
Campus Copenhagen
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen SV

Mail: katrinetpn@hum.aau.dk

Cand.mag. in Learning and Innovative Change from Aalborg University.

In my master thesis I examined the experiences of young folk high school students regarding a norm critical workshop course titled “Norms of gender, body and sexuality”. 

In the thesis I focused on the folk high school's aim on democratical formation, including and excluding learning environments and positions. 

Field of work:
I work as a research assistant on the project “The meeting between young people and the economic life in internships on vocational educations”. The aim of the project is to generate knowledge on good and challenging meetings between the young people and the economic life when in an internship.  

Field of research: 
Young people’s opportunities for participation, out-of-school education, including and excluding learning environments, norm critical pedagogy. 


Kontakt forsker

Katrine Thea Pløger Nielsen
Telefon: (+45) 93 56 21 77

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