Arnt Vestergaard Louw

Arnt Vestergaard LouwArnt Vestergaard Louw, Associate Professor and Ph.D.

Department of Culture and Learning
Aalborg University
Campus Copenhagen
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen SV

Tel: (+45) 3195 4530


MA in Pedagogy and Educational Studies and Psychology, Roskilde University 2005

Ph.D. from the Department of Education (DPU), University of Aarhus in 2013 with the thesis: "Entrance and access to vocational education. Analysis of carpentry students' opportunities and challenges in the encounter with the trade, teachers and pedagogical practices in the introductory course".

Field of research and interests:

My key skills are: Youth, education, vocational training and vocational secondary education, didactics and ICT in secondary education and young people in the Nordic countries.

In terms of research, I work with emphasis on shedding light on the meeting between students and teachers in the educational space with a focus on how this meeting is experienced from the students' perspective. Specifically, I work with the following areas:

  • Young people's motivation and desire to learn
  • Young people's meeting with Vocational Education
  • Education Planning and didactics, particularly in relation to vocational education and vocational secondary education
  • ICT in relation to secondary education
  • Class Management
  • Education policies

3 Interesting publications:

  • Vocational learning in a student perspective. Danish Pedagogical Journal 1/12
  • Youth in Vocational Education: subreport on the choice, students, learning and communities. Erhvervsskolernes forlag, 2011
  • ICT in education at hhx (Higher Commercial Examination): Points, dilemmas and challenges, Youth Research, Vol. 8, No.. 3/4, 2009


Currently I am working on two research projects:

1: "Development of generalizable knowledge about the importance of close connection of school and practice" in cooperation with the Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA).

2: "Increased focus on transition to VET after AVU". (See description of the projects below)

External items:

  • Mercantec Advisory Board
  • Steering Committee in Vocational education's Researcher-Intern network
  • Committee on Young people under the Board of Higher Education, Ministry of Reasearch, Innovation and Higher Education
  • Member of the EU expert group on: "Defining the specific contribution of youth work and on formal and informal learning to address the challenges young people are facing, in particular the transition from education to employment"

Download a report from the EU expert group here

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Arnt Vestergaard Louw
Telefon: (+45) 31 95 45 30

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