Anne Görlich

Anne GörlichAnne Görlich, Assistant Professor and Ph.D.

Department of Culture and Learning
Aalborg University
Campus Copenhagen
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen SV

Tel: (+45) 2073 5872

PhD in Youth Studies, Aalborg University and MA in Psychology and Communication Studies from Roskilde University.

Field of research:
My research area is marginalized young people on the margins of the educational system. I participate in evaluations and research projects exploring projects aiming at helping the young people to enter and complete ordinary upper secondary education. My focus is mainly social constructionist and I am more generally occupied with young people, their relationships, their worldviews and self-images, their challenges, coping strategies and many other topics related to young people and vulnerable young people.

3 interesting publications:
Görlich, A. & Katznelson, N. (2018): Young people on the margins of the educational system: following the same path differently, Educational Research. 60, 1, s. 47-61

Görlich, A. (2016). Poetic inquiry: understanding youth on the margins of education i International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 29:4, 520-535

Nielsen, M. L., Görlich, A., Grytnes, R. & Dyreborg, J. (2017): Without a Safety Net: Precarization Among Young Danish Employees, Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies. 7, 3, s. 3-22

Kontakt forsker

Anne Görlich
Telefon: (+45) 2073 5872

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