Ny artikel fra Mette Lykke Nielsen: Precarious work among young Danish employees - a permanent or transitory condition?

Lektor Mette Lykke Nielsen har netop fået udgivet artiklen "Precarious work among young Danish employees - a permanent or transitory condition?" i Journal of Youth Studies, sammen med Johnny Dyreborg og Hester J. Lipscomb. 


There is broad agreement that precarious work is a growing problem, and that it is highly prevalent among young employees. The financial crisis in 2008 has reinforced the need for knowledge about how precarious work affects young employees. This paper explores how the concept of precarious work may apply differentially to different groups of young people at work and whether this challenges the term ‘transition’, which until now has been one of the core elements within contemporary youth research. We examine discursive representations of precarious work, vulnerability and risks among young Danish employees aged 18–24 in the healthcare sector, the metal industry and retail trade captured in 46 interviews involving 74 participants. Results are discussed taking into consideration the Nordic welfare model with an active labour marked policy. We conclude that precarious work is not, in fact, simply a characteristic of young employees’ work as such, but rather it is related to their position in the labour market and the type of jobs in which they are employed. While some are in transition, others are at risk of being trapped in precarious and risky working conditions.

Lagt online 17.05.2018 af Rebecca Marie Væver Johansen