Mette Pless

Mette PlessMette Pless, Associate Professor

Department of Culture and Learning
Aalborg University
Campus Copenhagen
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen SV

Tel: (+45) 2942 7467
Mail: mep@hum.aau.dk


MA and Ph.D. in Pedagogy and Cultural Geography.


I am a researcher and project manager on several studies on the education, guidance and marginalization area. I am also a member of:

  • Board Member, Youth & Generation Network, European Sociological Association
  • Member of Nordisk Nettverk: Youth at risk
  • Member of the Liaison Committee of the Adult Education Centre under the Union of Education

Field of research:

My key skills are: Youth, education, leaving school after, transition to - and meeting with - youth, at-risk youth and guidance.

Research-wise, I am working with the following areas:

  • Young people's motivation and desire to learn
  • Young people's transition from primary to secondary education
  • Young people and educational guidance
  • Young people in danger of not being able to finish an education or being unable to handle the job market

Kontakt forsker

Mette Pless
Telefon: (+45) 2942 7467

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