GreenEdTech – Green transition of Education and educational Technology

The national and international (2030 and 2050) targets for CO2 reductions are likely to be challenged by a severe lack of a competent workforce in DK and globally. The all-encompassing nature of the green transition challenges calls for a varied set of skills to supplement and enhance the traditional STEM (Science, Technology, Economics, Mathematics) competences. To prevent this educational bubble from bursting, GreenEdTech launches innovative digital learning platforms, materials and educational models to equip 7th – 10th grade students for authentic problem solving in collaboration with partners outside school. Denmark is one of the most advanced countries in terms of sustainable solutions as well as the use of educational technology in elementary and lower secondary schools, and the GreenEdTech partnership consists of state-of-the-art academic environments, a world-leading edtech development company, a student organisation and large, Danish companies delivering crucial solutions to the green transition.

In light of the strong momentum of the Danish “green” businesses (i.e. companies delivering solutions for the energy, climate or environmental agendas), Danish Energy alone projects that 290,000 new jobs will be created by their members. GreenEdTech will a) deliver a serious response to this urgent need for competent labour, while b) paving the way for a global commercial breakthrough of the Danish edtech industry.

Researchers associated with the project: Rikke Magnussen, Lærke Sofie Østed Hvillum, Lise Lykke le Maire Munksgaard Rasmussen, Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld and Maria Bruselius-Jensen (CeFU)

Kontakt forsker

Maria Bruselius-Jensen
Telefon: (+45) 9356 2147

Status for projektet

Status: i gang
Projektet forventes afsluttet primo 2026

Nyt fra CeFU: Nyhedsbrev

Nyt fra CeFU: Nyhedsbrev

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Lyt til CeFUs podcast: Ungdomsforskning

Lyt til CeFUs podcast: Ungdomsforskning

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