European Network of Multi-Disciplinary Research in Youth and Participation

The academic network aims to foster a transnational dialogue on contemporary trends in research and practice on young peoples’ participation in decision making and change processes. 

The objective is to strengthen our insights on how to approach and support academic as well as practice-based processes of supporting young people in having their views considered in matters that concern them. Through meetings, co-authoring, conference participations and an anthology the network provides the participants with rich opportunities to share the theoretical and empirical work they are presently engaged in, or have been developing over the years, in an inspiring international environment.

The network was established in 2017 by researchers from the Danish Centre for Youth Research associated to Aalborg University at its Campus Copenhagen (Denmark) and constitutes a diverse group of researchers spanning from Ph.D. level to Professors. The group represents different methodological and theoretical approaches and embraces various aspects of youth life and forms of participation such as young people as participants in decision making in institutional contexts such as employment Centers, social care and schools, youth activism in different contexts, young people’s development of agency and youth participation in formal decision making. 

Network activities at the moment:

  • Yearly meetings
  • Co-writing the anthology “Young People’s Participation:  Revisiting youth and inequality in changing European societies”. The book is accepted for publication at Policy Press in 2020
  • Participation in the 2019 NYRIS conference in Aalborg
  • Participation in 2019 ESA conference in Manchester

Kontakt forsker

Maria Bruselius-Jensen
Telefon: (+45) 9356 2147