The Centre for Youth Research collaborates with numerous public and private players focusing on youth culture. We value having a broad contact potential and we enjoy collaborating with young people, practitioners, and youth researchers.

  • We welcome inquiries and questions related to youth research and we assist with references and advice
  • We initiate both targeted studies and large-scale research projects
  • We conduct research for public and private institutions, organisations and companies interested in our line of research
  • We help start Ph.D.-scholarships
  • We give lectures and provide consultancy services
  • We host a youth research network
  • We welcome new members to The Centre for Youth Research Association

If you are interested in hearing about how your institution, organisation or company could collaborate with The Centre for Youth Research please contact us at cefu@learning.aau.dk.

Center for Ungdomsforskning | cefu@learning.aau.dk | Tlf: (+45) 20 29 46 29 | A.C Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 København SV