Tilde Mette Juul

Tilde Mette JuulTilde Mette Juul, Ph.D. student

Department of Learning and Philosophy
Aalborg University
Campus Copenhagen
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen SV

Tel: (+45) 5170 3995
Mail: tmj@learning.aau.dk


I am educated as a primary school teacher. I have an MA in Pedagogical Sociology, specializing in university pedagogy and I am currently engaged in Research Education.


I have been a research assistant at the Centre for Youth Research from May 2011 to November 2014. During this time, I was connected to various research projects in the field of education, where I was responsible for various and versatile research work.

My Ph.D. Project is about choice of education and guidance in the transition between primary and secondary education. The project examines young people's electoral processes in lower secondary education and especially the factors that play an active part in these. What do different young people consider? How do they experience and handle the electoral process? What part do guidance and guidance activities play in these processes? How is the organization of guidance experienced in relation to the ability to influence electoral processes? How is the interface between the various 'authorities' who makes an outstanding impact on young people's choice (family, friends, counselors, teachers, media, education, existing professions young people know of, information, etc.)? Are there key turning points in young people's electoral processes that are crucial to be aware of, from a guidance counselor point of view.

I have a wide experience in teaching from primary school, bachelor's level education and master's level education. I am a skilled facilitator and I have held several workshops where students are trained to facilitate their own study groups. Besides, I am an experienced public speaker, I have co-authored the book "Young people's motivation and learning', on the background on which I have held several lectures.

Field of research:

I have a broad knowledge of the education system and I am concerned with how to improve the environment for learning and guidance at all levels of education, including how to implement pedagogy and didactics in different ways to develop the many types of pupils / students who are in the Danish education system. I have actual research experience in university pedagogy, boarding school education, young people's desire to learn, dyslexic young people and educational guidance.

Kontakt forsker

Tilde Mette Juul
Telefon: (+45) 5170 3995

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