Niels-Henrik Møller Hansen

Niels-Henrik Møller HansenNiels-Henrik Møller Hansen, Associate Professor

Department of Learning and Philosophy
Aalborg University
Campus Copenhagen
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen SV

Tel: (+45) 2029 4546
Mail: nhmh@learning.aau.dk


I have an MA in Social Science from the University of Copenhagen, where I also took my Ph.D. I have completed my time as Assistant Professor, including a specialization in guidance at Aarhus University.


I am currently an associate professor at the Centre for Youth Research, where I am responsible for the implementation of various research projects. I am also part of the research management team at the Centre for Youth Research.

My research focuses on young people with disabilities - among these, dyslexia and hearing impairment. I have also researched young people's part-time jobs as well participant retention at HF (Higher Preparatory Examination Course) and young people's political engagement.

Field of research:

I have on several occasions worked with young people with disabilities. This is a subject that I deal with in my Ph.D. dissertation, where I look at the situation and well-being of young, hearing-impaired people. I have also evaluated a special educational opportunity for the deaf and hearing-impaired, and I am in the process of implementing a 5-year study of the well-being of young hearing-impaired people, after they leave primary school.

In recent years, I have also completed two analyzes of students at Higher Preparatory Examination Courses across the country, and I made a combined literature study and analysis for LO documentation about young people's part-time jobs. I have also studied the quality of guidance counseling at Aarhus University. Here I have looked at how students as well as advisors feel about the content and planning of the counseling. Additionally, I completed a project at Frederiksberg HF, where I followed a series of new measures intended to reduce the dropout rate among students.

Furthermore, I have previously authored number of the Centre for Youth Research city reports, where we examine the welfare of young people in a given municipality. So far I have done analyzes of Holbaek, Gentofte and Fredericia municipalities.

I am also an author of a book describing the use of quantitative methods - surveys in particular.

Kontakt forsker

Niels-Henrik Møller Hansen
Telefon: (+45) 2029 4546

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