Robert MacDonald

Robert MacDonald, Gæsteprofessor

Institut for Kultur og Læring
Aalborg Universitet
Campus København
A.C Meyers Vænge 15
2450 København SV


We are happy to have Robert MacDonald as associated to the Danish Center for Youth Research.

Robert MacDonald is a central and import figure within the field of youth research. His research interests include youth, transitions to adulthood, social exclusion, worklessness and social class. He has published extensively on these subjects and is co-editor of the Journal of Youth Studies.

1984-1988 D.Phil 'Youth and Unemployment in Rural Areas', University of York, Department of Sociology.

1980-83 BA (Hons) Psychology and Sociology, Upper Second, University of Durham.

Employment Record:

[Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences(AcSS), 2011-]

Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Sociology, Monash University

Visiting Professor, Danish Centre for Youth Research, University of Aalborg

Deputy Director - Social Futures Institute (SoFI), University of Teesside, 2010-2017

Professor of Sociology, University of Teesside, 2002-2017

Reader in Sociology, University of Teesside, 1997-2002

Principal Lecturer in Sociology, University of Teesside, 1997

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Teesside, 1992-1997

Research Fellow, University of Durham, 1988-2002

Part-time Lecturer and DPhil Student in Sociology, University of York, 1984-1988

Selected Funded Research: 

2013 Pioppi, D., (PI) University of Rome, MacDonald, R., (CI), plus others

Power2Youth - Freedom, dignity and justice: youth exclusion and inclusion in the South and East Mediterranean, European Union Framework 7, c. £2m, (c. £15k Teesside element).

2012, T. Shildrick (PI) and R. MacDonald, Poverty myths, Webb Memorial Trust, £15k.

2010, T. Shildrick (PI) Teesside University, R. MacDonald & A. Furlong, Glasgow University.

Inter-generational cultures of worklessness: popular myth or miserable reality?, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, £103k.

2008, T. Shildrick (PI), R. MacDonald & C. Webster.Two steps forward, two back? Understanding recurrent poverty, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, £105k.

2008, Dr. S. Sandberg (PI), UCL, R. MacDonald,Adolescent Stress: a literature review Nuffield Foundation, £45k.

2003, R. MacDonald (PI) plus three others, Poor Transitions, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, £45k.

1999, R. MacDonald (PI) & Les Johnston,Youth Transitions, Social Exclusion and Alternative Careers, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, £50k.

1998, R. MacDonald (PI), Youth, the Underclass and Social Exclusion, ESRC, £103k.

1990, MacDonald (PI), F. Coffield, University of Durham,Adults, Enterprise and New Forms of Work, ESRC, £82k.


Calder, M., MacDonald, R. Mikhael, D., Murphy, E., and Phoenix, J. (2017) Marginalization, Young People in the South and East Mediterranean, and Policy: An Analysis of Young People's Experiences of Marginalization across Six SEM Countries, and Guidelines for Policy-makers, Power2Youth, Paper No. 35 - May 2017 ISSN 2283-5792 EU: Brussels.


MacDonald, R., (2017) 'Impact', research and slaying Zombies: The pressures and possibilities of the REF, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, vol. 37, issue 11-12: 696-71


Shildrick, T., MacDonald, R., and Furlong, A. (2016) "Not single spies, but in battalions": a critical, sociological engagement with so called 'Troubled Families', Sociological Review. 64, 4: 821-836. 


MacDonald, R, Shildrick, T. and Furlong, A. (2014) 'In search of "intergenerational cultures of worklessness": Hunting Yetis and Shooting Zombies',Critical Social Policy, vol. 34 no. 2 199-220.


Shildrick, T. and MacDonald, R. (2013) 'Poverty Talk: how people experiencing poverty deny their poverty and why they blame 'the poor''The Sociological Review,61, 2: 285 - 303.


MacDonald, R., and Shildrick, T., (2013) 'Youth and wellbeing: experiencing bereavement and ill health in marginalised young people's transitions'Sociology of Health and Illness, 35, 1: 147-161.


Shildrick, T., MacDonald, R., Webster, C., and Garthwaite, K. (2012)Poverty and Insecurity: Life in low-pay, no-pay Britain, Bristol: Policy Press -Winner of the 2013 British Academy/ Policy Press Peter Townsend Prize.


Shildrick, T., MacDonald, R., Furlong, A., Roden, J., and Crow, R., (2012) Are 'cultures of worklessness passed down the generations?', York: JRF.


MacDonald, R., Shildrick, T., Borrow, S., and Warnock, K. (2012) Transferring and Exchanging Knowledge and Influencing Ways of Working, Middlesbrough Council/ Middlesbrough Partnership.


MacDonald, R. (2011) 'Youth, transitions and un(der)employment: plus ça change, plus ça même chose',Journal of Sociology, 47, 4: 427-444.


MacDonald, R., Shildrick, T., Blackman, S., (eds.) (2010) Young People, Class and Place, London: Routledge.


Simpson, M., Shildrick, T and MacDonald, R. (eds.) (2007) Drugs in Britain: Supply, Consumption and Control, Basingstoke: Palgrave


MacDonald, R., and Marsh, J. (2005) Disconnected Youth? Growing Up In Britain's Poor Neighbourhoods, Basingstoke: Palgrave

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25. november - Konference: Unges deltagelse og medbestemmelse i hverdagslivets arenaer

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